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Residential Services


Water damage is quite common among other disasters. A little amount of water in your home can create a huge loss and damage. This happens when we neglect this little amount and it becomes big within short span of time. The damange that can be repaired immediately takes few thousand dollars. This can damage antique furniture, wooden floors, expensive carpets, electric appliances, and lot more.
Water also leads to form mold and becomes a great threat. Moisture in any part of area gives the ground for mold formation, bacteria and many insects. This needs immediate care by Our experts before it becomes huge.


Fire incidents are very common and can happen anytime. This experience is very frustrating for home owners and they are not sure what to do in such a disaster. This has to be handled very carefully by experts as many materials, equipments etc can blast, emit toxic gases, make construction weak and many things they are unaware.

At Islandwide, we have team of experts that is ready to handle and manage such situations and provide professional service to get back in shape.


The development of Mold comes with moisture, excessive water, flooding, and many type of water leakages. This mold growth is huge threat to the belongings when it grows. It should be handled at first sight as it grows at fast rate and change the appearance of things. It should be stopped from growing or spreading any further.

If the mold is left unchecked, it could further result in reduced indoor air quality and an unsafe environment. Molds can also attack paper, cardboard, and organic adhesives, as well as wallpaper and particle board.


We are not sure of natural calamities that can happen anywhere, anytime. It can be anything like storm, lightning, earthquake that creates a huge loss and damage to properties. These are the situations that are very frustrating as we don't have the idea or experience to handle them. These needs to be handled by experts and professional teams so the things can be normal and back in shape as early as possible.

We are professional and experts in handling these situations and help homeowners to get their property back in shape as efficiently as possible. Our professional teams treat all property damage with immense care.