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Water Damage


Some people underestimate the damage that water can cause in parts of their property where water is not supposed to be. There is often a misconception that a few inches of water in your living room isn’t much, but in reality, that “little” amount of water can create a devastating amount of damage. There have been cases where a little bit of water had caused damage that amount to upwards of a few thousand dollars, particularly because they didn’t immediately call water damage restoration specialists for help. A couple of inches of water can damage expensive carpets, furniture, appliances, and other belongings. A little water can also affect floors, such as breaking down the glue that holds floor planks down, or causing wooden floors to swell. Walls become stained, and electrical outlets hit by flooding will also have to be replaced.

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we are expert in Water Damage solutions and provide immediate relief to get back in shape. Our Expert and Professional Team is always ready to handle water damage.

Water Damage

Frozen and Burst Pipes

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Flood Damage Cleanup

Ceiling and Wall Water Cleanup

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Island Wide offers professional services and I am very pleased the way they work. They are dedicated and do the work professionally. Everyone from the company is expert in their area and deliver the best results. Me and my wife are happy with island wide services and recommend them to everyone. Thanks
Michele Ross NY
We would like to thank Island Wide team for the superb service. Team is punctual, professional, friendly and expert in restoration services. We were in bad situation and everything was messed up due to water damage. They turned everything right for me with their expert service. We don't thing we would be able to find someone better. Thank you guys.
Kyle M Therapist
First of all I would like to thank full team for doing such a wonderful job. I had similar job done by another team but that was not good and clean as done by you. Thanks for cleaning and shaping back things. If I need, but hoping not, I will go again with your services. Good Luck.
O A Truck Operator
Fire damaged the entire basement and everything was mess. This was huge for me. My friend recommended me to go with Island Wide. I requested them to clean it. They did such an amazing job and it was looking like as there was no fire. Everything was cleaned very carefully. I am really impressed with such and amazing team.
David D Superstore owner